Known for their straightforward lyrics and no holds barred approach to music, popular Chicago based band ‘ST8 of Grace’ is back with a brand new album entitled “Hereafter.”

After taking one listen to their latest offering it becomes apparent that the band does not mix words when it comes to love’s regrets and mistakes. While the songwriting is honest in its depiction of the subject matter, the band’s progressive rock edge is an intricate blend of exceptional musicianship and stellar production.

‘ST8 of Grace’ has emerged as one of the few bands that can immediately capture the angst many feel in relationships making their music easily relatable to anyone who has ever felt regrets in their life.

Also known for their innovative visuals, ‘ST8 of Grace’ is set to launch a new video for their new single “Trapped” along with a documentary entitled “Anatomy of a Rock Band.” The documentary chronicles the bands travels and gives an intimate look into each band member consisting of Lemoyne Alexander (lead vocals/guitar), Ben Sticklen (Bass/vocals), Dave Moreno (Guitar), Rio Colone (Keyboards/vocals) and Parker Slade (Drums).

Lastly, starting in the spring of 2013 and extending throughout the summer, the band will be on a tour in a town near you. Make sure you catch their live show you definitely will not regret one single moment!

“ST8 OF GRACE music is real, the message is real and it’s refreshing to hear good music again. Nothing is recycled and everything is created from the core of our hearts for our fans.”